Bacon-Wrapped Gouda-Smothered Smoked Apples (Oh, yes I did)

As I was thinking about what to cook for the family last week, I was reflecting on how good those smoked onions were from a few weeks back. My daughter asked what made them so good. I said, well it was wrapped in bacon, so duh. But also, the apple wood I used to smoke also imparted a good flavor. Then, she asked two questions, “Was it applewood bacon I used?” No, I said. “What would a smoked apple taste like?” Oh genius fruit of my loins.


First, go start your cooker. This prep will only take about 15 mins.

We start with small sweet apples, I used Gala. Using a melon baller, or a pocket knife, cut out a chunk of the core. Also, remove a thin slice of the skin halfway down the apple.


Now, we’re going to get a little crazy.

Wrap each apple with a slice of thick-cut natural bacon. Pin the bacon with toothpicks. Add 1/2 tbs of natural butter/ghee to each divot. Then add 1/2 tbs of local honey.

Bacon is seriously slippery. Avoid frustration. Use sturdy toothpicks.

Now, add soaked apple wood chips to the coals. Grill should be about 300° F. Add the apples directly to the grates, putting a pan underneath to collect any juices.


Since we are cooking by feel, the times may vary. The picture on the right is at 1 hour. I was planning on about 2.5-3 hours. We’re looking for a slightly mushy feel when squeezing the top side.


I told you this was going to get crazy. Now, add in a few cubes of organic gouda. Put as much there as the apple will hold. You see what’s happening right, we’re melting cheese into a bacon wrapped honey drizzled apple. You’re a genius, people love you, and when you eat this you will begin to believe in world peace.

After 30 minutes, the apples were soft but not mushy to the touch, and the cheese was melted.

It tastes better than it looks, and I think it looks better than a prom queen.

What to do now? Remove the apples carefully and let rest for a few minutes. Since the cooker is at temp, this is when we can add more food, or close the top and bottom vents and conserve the fuel for the next adventure.




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